Monday, December 5, 2011

Interview with Chanel 7 - Unique Gifts

Weston's Venezuelan Designer, Marlene King design the most gorgeous children's clothing.
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Marlene King, Owner, Trendy and Posh: "My inspiration is my daughter. Since she was born, I always wanted to dress her very unique."
She'll custom-make any dress you like for your infant or toddler, and to keep it exclusive, she only makes three dresses of any design and fabric.
Marlene King, Owner, Trendy and Posh: "All the dresses come with the matching headbands, flower handbands."
Julie Deoligeira, Mom: "When she wears it, she calls a lot of attention. The flowers in the hair, the clothes are very beautiful."
Marlene buys designer fabric and loves to find unique prints, like this Eiffel Tower dress.
Marlene King, Owner, Trendy and Posh: "I love Paris. I think it's a beautiful city."
She specializes in pillow-case dresses, so your child can grow into it, later wearing the dress as a shirt with leggings.
Jeanette Barnes, Customer: "It makes it very cost-effective for any family. They grow so fast."
So this year, don't give a ho-hum present. Think outside the holiday gift box.
Belkys Nerey: "Dresses start at $32. Trendy and Posh also carries designer shoes for kids, and she makes shoes as well."
Trendy and Posh

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